Britain's exit of European Union

Britain’s exit from European Union triggered great concern the global market, traders triggering investors panic: global stock market may crash because of soaring gold prices.

According to data published by foreign media on Friday, the day of the referendum results were announced, more than US$2 trillion of the global stock market value evaporated overnight,  the worst performance since 2007.

European stock markets suffered the most in the history of black “Black Friday” in the opening, plunging more than 10% after the decline eased, but closed more than 6 percent as the highest single-day decline since 2008, a new high. However, it is worth noting that the UK stock market on Friday was actually one of the best performing stock markets in Europe, the UK FTSE 100 index fell only 3.15%, but the pound against the dollar fell to near the lowest level in 31 years.

And yesterday, the Dubai stock market opened down from 3.5% accordingly, Saudi TASI index fell 4.4%, shows that the global stock market is still in a hazy declining state. UBS US equities derivatives business leader Rebecca Cheong said quantization traders, after Britain decided to withdraw from the EU referendum, the US stock market sell-off has only just begun, will continue this week, stock market volatility, stocks or to sell the maximum amount of up to US$1500 billion.

However, on Friday, slightly better relative performance of emerging markets, the market value of only US$128 billion evaporated. UBS analyst Geoff Dennis believes that the possibility of the Fed to tighten monetary policy further extensions may soon bring support for emerging market equities and other risk assets.

If you had bet the UK and Europe off to buy gold, these investors are certainly more relaxed. Europe caused investors to panic, investors flocked to safe-haven assets, gold is regarded as the standard as international price of gold rose 4.8 percent on Friday, ushering a new high of nearly two years. It also is not “buy gold” the key words in Google search times in just four hours after the start of the referendum vote count soared 500 percent, almost every investment banks have to follow up to see more gold. In addition, nearly two days Bitcoin prices also soared nearly 20 percent of the time.

Global financial markets is a bit confused, is also the heart of the British public “chaos.” Recently, a large number of British petitioned for the second , a lot of “sleepwalk” support off-European voters also expressed regret. However, the EU has been “impatient”, said the British prime minister does not even need a formal letter to start off the European process.

Soros has warned that the British EU referendum decision may disintegrate to become an irreversible trend of the real economy as comparable to the 2008 financial crisis hit.