Arcade Machines from Johor Bahru

Looking for arcade machine in Johor? We provide bicycle rental services, rent and buy arcade machine from us too. We do resale and resale arcade machines in JB such as Doll machine. We offer rental of Space Wheel and family bicycle designed for 1-6 people in JB.

Parties, Businesses & Personal Requirements
Recreation Dynasty had provided some pleasurable amusement products for people to rent for a period of time, eg. Bomber cars, space wheel and machines that are suitable and would make the parties gone wild! It will not only light up the party but would also be a huge surprise for most of the people as the products provided here are unique and rare to be seen in public. There are also gifts provided for the birthday boy/girl.
Calculated according time of renting and types of the products. Transportation fees will be included.
Recommended Products:
Space Wheel & Bicycle, Gifts
Recreation Dynasty had work together with many individual parties as well as companies with renting them machines and bicycles and the profits earned will be calculated by tokens used.(Lost tokens will be charged.) There will be contracts and all parties are reminded to read through to prevent further disagreements.
Ratio of Profits:
Recommended Products:
Bicycle & Space Wheel, Machines, Bomber car & Bouncy Castle
Personal Requirements
Recreation Dynasty had worked with several parties that we does NOT get or ask for the profits. In other words, the company took part in activities that are related with charity. The company is also looking forward for helping out governments and any other parties that could not afford the price of the products but still hope that they can cheer them up with the products that are acquirable in Recreation Dynasty.
Negotiable / Depends, may be free of charge.
Recommended Products:
Any, please read these pages to further acknowledge what products Recreation Dynasty are having. KIDS, BICYCLE, AMUSEMENTS, FAVOR.