Sawadee Resort Spa, the luxurious hotel at Johor Bahru, offering premium accommodation, leisure and relaxation services for locals and tourists.

Experience luxurious, premium authentic thai massage and relaxation services from Sawadee Resort Spa.
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Experience Massage!

Massage is an art that brings a new life, rejuvenates your mind and frees your soul. If you feel you are not so motivated after multiple hectic runs, a Thai massage at Sawadee could be an answer to bring back the moments of spark. Generally, Thai massage is more rigorous and energizing and could delicately pull and stretch you to help in relaxing you. This ancient healing technique combines multiple influences like Ayurveda and the ideologies that deal with a holistic revitalization of an individual.

A quintessential offering from Sawadee, the dedicated Thai Massage parlor features masseurs to apply traditional techniques in helping you revive. You could lie in comfortable clothing provided by us on the floor on a small cot. The masseuse would focus on circulation and pressure points that helps reduce stress, improves muscular flexibility and circulation. A session with our masseurs would make revitalization inevitable, as they know where to spot your muscle pains and soothe you with the right posture.


With the body arranged in few positions, the masseurs could rightly work in kneading the muscles. They would apply gentle pressure in varying manners to the energy lines or the ‘sen’, vital to maintaining the bodily equilibrium and you would have a feeling of lightness. We suggest you book an appointment early and arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the time. It is recommended not to have a heavy meal before the massage.