In an incredible display of loyalty, a street dog named Spike was captured on film chasing down an ambulance to stand by the side of his owner who fell ill.
Emergency crews in Taguatinga, Brazil, picked up a young homeless man who had an epileptic seizure when they noticed a dog chasing the ambulance. While the dog’s owner may not have a lot of money, he’s rich when it comes to the love of this beautiful dog. Spike must have been concerned about his human’s well-being because he literally was willing to risk his own life trying to keep up.


“In 19 years of this profession, I have never witnessed such a scene,” emergency worker Celiosmar Ferreira told the newspaper Correio Braziliense.
“We were touched and concerned about the safety of the animal, who could be run over. When we stopped the car at an intersection, he came to stand in front of the ambulance. It was then that we decided to pick him up,” Ferreira continued.


Right after Spike jumped in, the sick man woke up a little and began speaking to the animal. Once inside the hospital, Spike was allowed to accompany his owner into the emergency room and sat by his bedside throughout the entire ordeal.
Luckily, the young man’s condition was not serious and he was released that day with his pup.