Buy Home Accessories, Bathroom & Kitchenware Appliances in Johor

Let’s be real: shopping for furniture can be a chore, in the worst sense of the word. Driving from store to store, forgetting measurements, walking past so many sofas that they all start to look the same…Sound familiar?

Pure Brass Alloy

All of our fittings are fashioned using ure brass. Strong and durable, this copper-zinc alloy also has antimicrobial properties and is resistant to corrosion.

Lead Free Treatment
All of our fittings are put through a systematic de-leading treatment to eliminate the possibility of lead contamination. It removes 99.9% of lead from the surface, which would otherwise come into contact with water.

Water Saving Aerator
Water Saving Aerator Our aerator technology mixes air with water to reduce water consumption without compromising comfort. This means that you will still get to enjoy a full, pleasurably water jet and save on your water bill.