My Kee Song – Organic Certified Poultry Farm




Automate Farming System

This poultry farms were established across the causeway in the early 1990’s. In 1992, modernized closed house farms with automated feeding and air cooling systems were introduced to rear our chickens. While providing top quality poultry products continuously, we never stop exploring innovative solutions to improve our environment through our sustainable and Eco-friendly practices. In 2007, our poultry farms fulfilled the requirements from Ministry of Agriculture Agro-based Industry Malaysia and were awarded MyOrganic Certification. With our heart and soul together, Kee Song Group will continue to maintain our business model.

Our Clasically-raised Chickens Roam In A Barn Filled With Tunes From Mozart

Growth Hormones will result the broilers with oversized breast and wings and broilers could struggle to support with their undeveloped legs.

Hatchery And Breeding

Kee Song Agriculture was established in Seremban, Malaysia to meet demand of the hatchery and breeding business in Malaysia. The facility expansion was a great step in poultry business for Kee Song Group as the full chain of production line was completed and eggs are hatched under strict conditions.

Kee Song’s World Acclaimed Antibiotic Free Broiler Chicken.

Strength of ISO Certified Antibiotic-Free Poultry Farming System:

  • No antibioticss and growth promoters usage.
  • Good feed conversion ratio (FCR).
  • Enviromentally Friendlier.
  • UK ISO certified.

Feeding of Lactobacillus Cultivated In Singapore To Our Broilers Chicken

Advantages of Singapore Lactobacillus Cultivated:

  • Better feed conversion ratio (FCR).
  • Strengthen immune system.
  • Less susceptible disease.
  • Anti E.Coil & no antibiotics needed.
  • Broilers are lower in cholestrol & saturated fats.



Cordyceps Chicken



Cordyceps Chickens are reared in a temperature-controlled and hygienic environment without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. being fed with lactobacillus, their immune systems are naturally boosted.To further benefit our consumers, cordycepin are introduced into the chicken’s diet. Cordycepin are commonly used as a natural health replenishment which strengthens the lungs and fortifies the kidneys allowing this premium chicken to be suitable for all ages.

Carogold Chicken



Kee Song CaroGold Chicken is another signature product under our premium range. CaroGold chickens are reared in a clean and controlled eco-friendly environment and without growth hormones, antibiotics. This chickens are fed with a carefully formulated diet containing lactobacillus, natural caroteniods and lutein. The caroteniods give our chickens a unique golden tinge with firmer meat – Perfect for the health conscious.

Lacto Chicken. 



Raised using Kee Song’s advanced farming technology, the chickens are bred without antibiotics and growth hormones. They are also fed with lactobacillus to enhance their immune system the natural way. Lacto Chickens are reared in a temperature-controlled and hygienic environment with ample space for them to freely roam about, to the soothing strains of Mozart music. The meat contains less fat and cholesterol, and packs a greater flavour too.

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