VIA Global Sdn Bhd

Via Global Sdn Bhd is established since 2009 with just one small second hand computer retail outlet. They have been growing non stop since then with the full support from our repeated customers that have been supporting us all the while. They deal with used LCD monitors, system, CPU, PC, hard disk, ram, server, printer, processor and laptops. VIA Global Sdn Bhd highly concentrate on quality and make strict test on all products before the goods are shipped out.

Their working process in 3 steps

They follow a strict guideline in product testing and delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction, quality services and solid product lines. Expect only the best used computer products and accessories in Johor Bahru, Malaysia from them. they ship, import and export used computers worldwide.

Sourcing & Procure Filtering
Helping you find the computer parts and accessories that best suit your needs.

Assemble & Modify Parts
They will ensure that all the computer parts fits the requirement and specifications.

Test, Analyse and Deliver
Thorough computer product testing to ensure working condition to your satisfaction.

For more information, you can visit their website on: https://via-global.com

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