OKIT provides provides practical solutions like web development, managed services, marketing bundle, virtual services, brand creation for everyday computing. Under web development, it provides website constructions like e-Business, e-Commerce, e-Hotel, e- Membership. It focuses on constructing website in simplified manner. Under e-Business, it provides powerful, unique and complete web development solution. The different web pages it includes are home page, products page, services, about us, contact us and faq’s page. Under e-Commerce, Okit helps both small and big business to get online presence by creating online stores. The e-Hotel service is mainly for the hospitality industry or those who run restaurants or hotel. The purpose of this service is to allow the guest to book online room reservation. It also helps in providing easier navigation by integrating payment gateway like wherein the customers can make online credit and debit card payment or even PayPal payment and track the order of the booking by clicking on the tracking icon. Additionally to make the experience of the customers more simpler, it also provides the facility wherein the customers get direct notification in their mail box regarding the status of the order and he or she need not have to login to the e-Commerce site to check the status of the order. The e-Membership section is meant for getting database subscription for the members. It performs the task of sending e-Newsletters and keeping the customers informed about the latest promotions and updates.

The various solutions that Okit provides under marketing bundle are; awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy. It aims to attract the audience, convert the audience into leads, engage the audience, sell the products and maintain the customer relation. The overall goal of Okit is to help the customers get better exposure online. The different services under this section are like you share publishing, street list classified, money train marketing, BCZ directory. Under like you share publishing, OkIt goals at getting relevant news content, publicizing the events, running pr campaigns, promoting the brand to get more exposure online. Under street list classified, the sale and purchase of goods takes place online. In Google maps, the brand is promoted through posting the events, offers and company information in relevant places. The money train marketing service is collection of useful marketing and internet advertising materials with the guidelines to boosting the brand name online. The BCZ directory is meant for putting the company’s information online and showcases the products and services with informative descriptions about the company’s background and services.

Brand creation is all about creating corporate identity the methods of conceptual development and product development .Conceptual development refers to developing simple concepts like creating color coordination, designing graphics, info graphics and other creative design to enhance the look of the website. On the other hand, production development relates to transforming the ideas into reality. Our process of conceptual development includes; designing and developing the conceptual framework, putting those ideas into use through the method of coordinated advertising and marketing. There are various projects we have work under these sections and you can look up to our portfolio section to know the standard of our work. The managed services helps to save time and money by offering different technical ideas like office networking, cloud facilities, cluster compute and big data management. These services are into most demand nowadays especially big data management. Our IT services are provided to various SEMS and MNCs. Under office networking we help the brand to increase their productivity without the extraordinary cost. Custer compute means networking various computing units together to achieve greater computational capabilities. Big data management is processing of data into simpler information. By the use of various big data analytic tools, we streamline the various data’s with ease and efficiency.