Li Ching-Yuen or Li Ching-Yun (simplified Chinese: 李清云; traditional Chinese: 李清雲) is reportedly the world’s oldest recorded person in history known for his supposed extreme longevity.

The article “Tortoise-Pigeon-Dog”, from the May 15, 1933 issue of Time reports on his history, and includes Li’s answer to the secret of a long life:

  • Keep a quiet heart
  • Sit like a tortoise
  • Walk sprightly like a pigeon
  • Sleep like a dog

Li Ching-Yuen (reportedly in 1677 – 1933, lived to 256 years old), formerly known as Zhou Liang, later changed his name to Wang Yao Feng, a native of Yangcheng Lake, said to be from the vicinity of Acadian, some said to be closer to Mudu, after a historian Uncle Wang identify and determine it is closer to Sunny Lan bridge, said to operate a noodle shop, he was a minor local celebrity.

He was a vegetarian. He believed that his health and longevity is attributed to three factors: The first, being a long-term vegetarian; the second is achieving inner calm, being cheerful; the third is boiling wolfberry with drinking tea and flowers.